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     * **Current** connected users.     * **Current** connected users.
     * Historical data about **who** was connected and **when**.     * Historical data about **who** was connected and **when**.
 ====== View Users Login History ====== ====== View Users Login History ======
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-===== Action ===== 
-==== Reload ==== 
-  * The **Reload** button can be used in two ways: 
-    * If you simply click on it it will reload the screen with the latest data. 
-    * If you click on the down-arrow you will be presented with a menu to select an interval at which the applet should **Auto reload** the latest data. 
-  * If your applet is auto reloading the icon on the reload button will also change to a stopwatch. 
-==== Show only currently connected ​==== +==== Refreshing the Login Data ==== 
-  * This button is a toggle ​button. + 
-  If it is pressed (selected) it will only list all the active connections+{{:​user_guide:​activity_tools.png?​400|}}  
-  * If it is released (deselected) it will list current and historical connections+ 
 +The first button ​on the Action Toolbar in the Activity Monitor Window ​is the **Reload** ​button. 
 +    ​*Click on the **Reload** button to refresh the list to the latest available Accounting Data. 
 +To set an Automatic Reload Interval for the Activity List: 
 +  * Click on the arrow next to the Reload button. 
 +  * From the Drop-down ​list select the time frame in which you want the Activity List to RefreshThe **Reload button** will change to a **Stopwatch**. 
-===== Document ===== 
 ==== Export CSV ==== ==== Export CSV ====
   * You can filter some data out and the export the result to a CSV file using this button.   * You can filter some data out and the export the result to a CSV file using this button.