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-===== Add the Click-to-Connect Button to the Log-in page =====+===== Enable ​the Click-to-Connect Button to the Log-in page =====
-  * Click on **Menu -> Dynamic login pages** ​to open the Dynamic login pages management applet.+  * Click on **Menu -> Dynamic login pages** ​, The Dynamic login pages Window opens.
-{{:​user_guide:​click_to_connect_01.png|}} +{{:​user_guide:​menu-dynamic-login.png?200|}} 
-{{:​user_guide:​click_to_connect_02.png|}} + 
-{{:​user_guide:​click_to_connect_04.png|}}+  * **Select** the Login Page you want to add a Click-to-connect button to. 
 +  * Click **Edit** on the Action Toolbar in the Dynamic login pages Window. 
 +  * Click on the **Click-to-Connect Tab** in the Edit Window. 
 +  * Tick the **Enable** check box to insert the Click-to-connect button on the Login page. 
 +  * If you want **no other** fields on the login page, also tick the **Only Click-to-connect** check box.  
 +  * Your login page should now look like this: