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 +====== Dynamic Login Pages Overview ======
 +{{ :​user_guide:​dynamicloginpages-overview.png |}}
 +Consider the above diagram.
 +**Dynamic Login Pages** are the custom welcoming page when users connect to the Hotspot.
 +You can create a login page with custom user fields, themes and graphics.
 +Dynamic Login Pages provides an easy and central way to manage login pages for CoovaChilli and Mikrotik Captive Portals.
 +===== Features =====
 +  * Supports both **CoovaChilli** and **Mikrotik**.
 +  * Automatic device detection. Mobile devices get a **mobile friendly login page**.
 +  * Option to **accept T&​C'​s** before connecting.
 +  * Includes a **gallery**,​ **logos**, **contact information** and **help text**, all sourced from RADIUSdesk'​s Dynamic Login Pages utility.
 +  * Also includes a **Click-To-Connect** option. To enable Click-To-Connect,​ you have to create a Permanent User first to use as the Click-To-Connect username, password and Profile.
 +  * As an example, you can set the Profile to:
 +    * Give them a once-off **free** data bundle
 +    * Give them a **daily** data allowance
 +    * Give them an allowance that is reset at an interval you choose e.g. every 3hours. This is ideal for a coffee shop.