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 {{ :​user_guide:​md:​edit_mesh_entry_port.png?​800 |}} {{ :​user_guide:​md:​edit_mesh_entry_port.png?​800 |}}
 +Depending on the changes you want to make, browse through the tabs in the Edit Mesh window to add, edit or delete settings, entry points, exit points or node settings.
 +For detailed descriptions of the settings available for a Mesh see these tutorials under MESHdesk How To's => Getting Started:
 +  * [[user_guide:​md_new_simple_mesh|Create a Mesh with Entry points and an Exit point ]]
 +  * [[user_guide:​md_new_captive_portal_mesh|Add a Captive Portal to your Mesh]]
 +  * [[userguide:​md_add_nodes| Add the nodes to the Mesh on Meshdesk]]