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 option id_if '​eth0'​ option id_if '​eth0'​
 </​code>​ </​code>​
 +==== Preset for a certain model and server ====
 +  * Should you wish to already have the firmware setup when you flash it (As needed for Over The Air OTA upgrades) check the following additional items.
 +  * Specify the server it is pointing to
 +<code bash>
 + vi ./​package/​zzz-MESHdesk/​files/​MESHdesk/​meshdesk
 +  * Under **internet1** the value of **ip**
 +  * Under **settings** the value of **hardware** should specify the correct value of the model you use. Available options are in the same file.
 +  * Then you need to specify a system config file to define the LED we will use to indicate the mesh traffic
 +<code bash>
 + vi ./​files/​etc/​config
 +  * Use this as a reference.
 +<code bash>
 +config system
 +        option ttylogin '​0'​
 +        option log_size '​64'​
 +        option urandom_seed '​0'​
 +        option timezone '​SAST-2'​
 +        option hostname '​505'​
 +config timeserver '​ntp'​
 +        option enabled '​1'​
 +        option enable_server '​0'​
 +        list server '​0.lede.pool.ntp.org'​
 +        list server '​1.lede.pool.ntp.org'​
 +        list server '​2.lede.pool.ntp.org'​
 +        list server '​3.lede.pool.ntp.org'​
 +config led '​wifi_led'​
 +        option name '​wifi'​
 +        option trigger '​netdev'​
 +        option dev '​bat0'​
 +        option mode 'link tx rx'
 +        option sysfs '​zbt-wa05:​blue:​air'​
   * Now the tweaks are completed we can select the packages to include.   * Now the tweaks are completed we can select the packages to include.