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 ====== User Registration ====== ====== User Registration ======
-  * The Dynamic Login Pages include ​a user registration section which allows to configure the user registration process per login page.+  * The Dynamic Login Pages applet includes ​a user registration section which allows ​you to configure the user registration process per login page.
   * This Wiki Page will discuss these options in detail   * This Wiki Page will discuss these options in detail
 +  * If your install of RADIUSdesk does not include these features, be sure to upgrade your server to contain the latest SVN code and SQL patches.
 +===== Activating User Registration =====
 +  * Select an entry in the Dynamic Login Pages applet and edit it.
 +  * Under the **Settings** is a **Registration** sub-tab.
 +  * User registration is by default disabled.
 +  * When you enable it there are the following options to choose from:
 +^ Item      ^ Comment ​      ​^ ​
 +| ** Realm** ​   | The realm the new user must belong to     ​| ​
 +| **Profile** ​   | The profile to apply to the new user    |
 +| **Auto-add suffix** ​   | Whether to add a suffix in addition to the username that the user specified |
 +| **Suffix** ​   | The word to append as a suffix to the username that the person registring provided ​ |
 +| **One user registration per device** ​ | Prevent a person from registering multiple times from one device by recording the MAC Address during the registration process ​ |
 +| **Auto-add device after authentication** ​ | Automatically add the MAC address of the device that the person registered with as a BYOD of the Permanent User after initial authentication ​ |
 +| **Send confirmation email** ​  | Email the user their credentials after they had successfully registered | 
 +  * Most of the options are straight forward. There are however one which might need a bit more explanation. This is the **Auto-add suffix** option.
 +  * RADIUSdesk has a limitation in that one can only register a username once. 
 +  * This means that if I come and register at a McDonalds restaurant with my email address johnsmith@gmail.com,​ I will not be able to register at a Coffee shop which are also hosted on the system using the same email address.
 +  * To overcome this we can configure the system to  automatically add a suffix and thus make the username unique.
 +  * This way we can have johnsmith@gmail.com@mcd_jhb and johnsmith@gmail.com@bean_jhb on the same system.
 +  * You'r next question will most likely be how will the user remember to add these suffix each time they log in?
 +  * They do not have to. We simply specify to the login page what suffix to add automatically when a permanent user logs in. If the username does not end with the specified suffix, it will automatically be added before submitting the login request.
 +{{:​user_guide:​suffix.png?​nolink|}} ​
 +<WRAP center round tip 90%>
 +  * This feature is also handy when you have a few hotels and you created permanent users like room1@hi_jhb,​ room2@hi_jhb,​ room3@hi_jhb etc.
 +  * The vistor can then also simply type in room1 and the suffix will automatically be added.
 +  * This way you can host a big number of hotels each having a room1 user.