• Manage Data usage and Time limits
  • Manage bandwidth per user or per device
  • Generate Vouchers for visitors
  • Monitor network usage
  • Supports Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)


RADIUSdesk has been developed since 2012 as tool to manage wireless Internet and has been under active development ever since.

  • Who may use it?
  • For how long?
  • Using how much data?
  • Taking how much bandwidth?

With valuable input from the Open Source community, including WISPS and Entrepreneurs RADIUSdesk is growing in features and usability. These features include Vouchers, Usage graphs, BYOD management, layered access, custom login pages and many more.

  • Rapidly deploy Mesh networks
  • Visuals of Mesh nodes and Signal strengths including Google Maps integration.
  • Configure all nodes remotely.
  • Real-time monitoring


MESHdesk is your no.1 Mesh dashboard. Nodes are attached to the Mesh effortlessly. View signal strengths as you move around to determine optimal node placement.

Watch these!

Meerkat - Simple

One SSID propagated through the mesh and bridged onto the LAN

Lion - Complex

1 mesh with 3 captive portals


Your restaurant chain and needs WiFi country wide at all 75 locations! Now APdesk is your solution.

These locations are not large enough to justify a mesh network so you just place one Access Point in each branch. But you still need to centrally manage the Access Points deployed in each of these branches. APdesk allows you to manage these distributed Access Points as one group.

APdesk along with MESHdesk is included in RADIUSdesk.