Principles of RADIUSdesk Realms


Realms are a way to group users in RADIUS. Since RADIUSdesk are simply a front-end to FreeRADIUS, realms are also supported in RADIUSdesk.

Realms and usernames

  • Usually in RADIUS deployments one can discover the realm a user belongs to by looking at the username.
  • Suppose we have alice@my_realm.com. We can assume that alice belongs to the my_realm.com realm.
  • RADIUSdesk allows you to follow this convention but also offers the flexibility to allow you to specify a user's email address as their username.
  • This will allow you to register Alice with her gmail email address as a username.
  • We can now have user alice.bodine@gmail.com that is part of the my_realm.com realm.
  • In RADIUSdesk ALL Vouchers and Permanent Users belongs to one realm.
  • BYOD Devices automatically will belong to the realm of the Permanent User who owns the device.

Some useless information

Who is Alice Bodine?

Access Providers and Realms

  • Access Providers will have granular rights to one or more realms.
  • An Access Provider can for instance be allowed to delete Vouchers from one realm, but be prevented to delete Vouchers from another realm.