Create a Login Page

For a captive portal you need a login page. RADIUSdesk helps you create a custom login page for each customer. Follow these instructions.

  • Click on the MENU button in the top left corner of the RADIUSdesk home page.
  • A Drop-down with items appear.

  • Click on Dynamic login pages.
  • The Dynamic login page window opens.
  • Click on the Add button in the Action toolbar inside the window,

  • The Add Dynamic Page panel opens.

  • Give a Name for the Login page you are about to create.
  • If you have created other Access Providers in your system, you can make this login page available to them by selecting Make available to sub-providers.
  • Scroll through the four bottom tabs in the Add Dynamic Page panel and fill in all the information you want available on the “About” tab“ of the new login page.
  • Click on the fourth tab called T&C.
  • Here you can fill in a URL to your T&C site and make it compulsory before someone can log in.

  • Click OK
  • The Login page has now been created and is available in the list for further editing.

Add login preferences

  • Click on your new login page in the Dynamic login pages window.
  • Click Edit in the Actions Toolbar.
  • The Edit window for your Dynamic login page opens.
  • The Details tab is the info you filled in with creation of the login page.
  • The Logo tab allows you to pull in a logo. A height of 100px is recommended.

  • The Photos tab allows you to pull in photos for the background and slide show of the login page.

  • The Own pages tab places info under the help button of the login page.
  • The Settings Tab has a few sub-tabs.
    • Themes
      • Select a color theme from the drop-down list.
      • Select Slideshow to let the photos you uploaded carousel on the login page background
      • Seconds per slide is default 30 seconds for one photo to replace the next.

  • Login
    • Select weather your login page should have fields for User Login (Permanent Users), Voucher login or Click-to-connect.
  • Auto-add suffix adds a string eg. “beanthere” to the username when it is added to the database. Thus, when TommyC is registered and you filled in an auto-suffix of “beanthere”, Tommy will be TommyC@beanthere. This is useful for when Tommy wants to also sign up at the restaurant next door that uses your WiFi and thus the same RD Database. Just make sure that you don't type an ”@“ or any other special characters into your suffix.
  • Enable click-to-connect here and follow the rest of these instructions for the click-to-connect feature to work properly. See Click-to-connect

  • The Redirect Sub-tabs allows you to enter a URL that, once signed-in, the user is automatically directed to this page first. This is ideal for advertizing before the user starts browsing at will.