Add a Captive Portal to your Mesh

Here is how to add a Captive Portal to your existing mesh:

* Click on the MESHdesk icon on the Radiusdesk home page.

* Click on the mesh you want to add the captive portal to in the MESHdesk window and click on Edit in the Action Toolbar. The Edit Mesh Window opens.

First add a New Entry Point for the Captive Portal Exit Point to connect to.

  • Click on the Entry Points Tab in the Edit Mesh Window.
  • Click Add on the Actions Toolbar in the Entry Points Tab. A New Entry Point window opens.
  • Fill in a Name for the SSID, example NewCaptivePortal.
  • Click OK
  • You will see on the list of Entry points that the new SSID is not connected to an Exit point.

Now Create the Captive Portal

  • Click on the Exit points Tab in the Edit Mesh window.
  • Click the Add button in the action Toolbar. A New Exit point window opens.
  • Select Captive Portal

  • Click NEXT to open this window.

The Captive Portal creation has been greatly automated.

  • Select Auto-Detect
  • Select the SSID you just created under the Connects with field.
  • Select Add Dynamic RADIUS client.
  • Select your realm e.g. Bean There under the Realm field.
  • Select Add Login Page.
  • Select the Login Page you want to use for this captive portal.
  • Click NEXT to finish.

You should now see the selected login page when you go onto the SSID created above.