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OpenVPN Bridges

Configure RADIUSdesk, MESHdesk and APdesk

  • We assume you already prepared the a server with OpenVPN and CoovaChilli as directed by the previous steps.
  • The final bit will be to bind them together on the RADIUSdesk side.

The OpenVPN Servers Manager Applet

  • This applet can be found under the Tools menu.
  • It is used to ease the management of OpenVPN Tunnels that can be used with MESHdesk and APdesk.
  • Again the initial creation of the OpenVPN server entries can be tedious, but once is is completed, the rest is plain sailing.
  • We will cover the each of the three new entries here in tables instead of screenshots which will make it easy for you to copy and paste.

Add entry for OpenVPN on br0.101


Item Value Comment
Owner (Logged in user)
Name US-East1
Description Serving Starbucks Coffee
Also show to sub providers (Checked)

VPN Basic

Item Value Comment
Local / Remote Remote Remote if not on RD server
Protocol UDP
IP Address Public IP of OpenVPN server
Port 1194 Double check you have the correct port here
Config Preset Default In future we might have more