Getting Started

  • RADIUSdesk now features a Setup Wizard to get you up and running in no time.
  • After you created a site using the Setup Wizard you can simply start to point RADIUS Clients to the RADIUSdesk server.
  • In this page we will assume you have an installation of CoovaChilli which you want to point to a RADIUSdesk server.
  • There will be three steps involved
    1. Configure CoovaChilli to point to RADIUSdesk
    2. Add CoovaChilli as a Dynamic RADIUS Client
    3. Add an entry to the Dynamic Keys of the Dynamic Login Page to server the login page you desire.

Plain and simple. Lets get started.

Configure CoovaChilli to point to RADIUSdesk

  • We assume you have a standard install of CoovaChilli which is configured by the /etc/chilli/config file
  • You can look at this page as reference Install CoovaChilli on Ubuntu 20.04
  • We will assume the following for our RADIUSdesk server
Item Value Comment
IP Address This does not need to be a public IP and can even be internal
FQDN hotspot.radiusdesk.com Looks more professional and needed if serving through https
NAS Identifier ZA-GTNG-JHB-1 Work out a convention that works for you
  • Edit the /etc/chilli/config file
sudo vi /etc/chilli/config
  • Modify the following items
  • Save the changes and restart CoovaChilli
sudo systemctl stop chilli
sudo systemctl start chilli
sudo systemctl statue chilli

Add CoovaChilli as a Dynamic RADIUS Client

  • After you made your changes to CoovaChilli, pointing it to RADIUSdesk the Dynamic RADIUS Client should be already waiting for you under the Unknown RADIUS Clients, how cool is that!
  1. Log into RADIUSdesk
  2. Go to RADIUS
  3. Look for the blue button with the question mark and click it to open the Unknown Clients Tab
  4. Select the item which you want to add, click the Attach button show the attach window.
  5. Supply the required info (Remember to specify the Realms you want to enable for this NAS)
  6. Click save and the NAS should now move from the Unknown Clients to RADIUS Clients

One step remaining and we're done!

Add Dynamic Keys

  1. Log into RADIUSdesk
  2. Go to Login Pages
  3. Select the Login Page you want to serve on the CoovaChilli Captive Portal
  4. Edit the page and go to the Dynamic Keys sub tab
  5. Click the add button and specify
    1. name: nasid
    2. value: ZA-GTNG-JHB-1
    3. priority: 1
  6. Save the entry

Everything should now be ready to use the Captive Portal :-)