RADIUSdesk and RadiusDeskHosted

RADIUSdesk is an Open Source WiFi Management Solution. This means that programmers can see the code and modify the software to their needs. Technical users can download the software and build their own Open Source server from Sourceforge.net.

Some prefer to download the Virtual Machine (VM) which is like a server running as a program on your local computer with RADIUSdesk installed on that server.

For our more business minded customer we have RadiusDeskHosted. RadiusDeskHosted is RADIUSdesk installed on servers in the Cloud and maintained and updated by the RADIUSdesk team. This service is at a minimal monthly fee to support the RADIUSdesk team and allow us to keep RADIUSdesk Open Source and available to the whole world. By supporting RadiusDeskHosted, you are supporting Open Source and IT Entrepreneurs all over the world.

With the Expert server maintenance the RadiusDeskHosted customer also gets user-friendly features like a setup wizard, a comprehensive list of ready-built Profiles and more.

Visit http://www.radiusdeskhosted.com/ for more information