Principles of RADIUSdesk Vouchers


The main idea of a Voucher is to have a disposable username / password combination.
Vouchers does not associate authentication or accounting data with a person. Use Permanent Users and BYOD Devices in RADIUSdesk if you require that.

Voucher Similarities

There are certain similarities between Vouchers and Permanent Users as well as BYOD Devices.

  • They have a Profile associated with them.
  • They belong to a Realm.
  • They have an Owner.
  • Vouchers and Permanent Users both need a password to authenticate with.

Voucher Specifics

This is the specifics that makes a voucher a voucher. These items are not found in Permanent Users or Devices.

  • Usernames and passwords are auto-generated.
  • Vouchers can be created in bulk. Vouchers that are part of a batch has a compulsory field called Batch name. This groups the Vouchers in a batch.
  • We can specify the length of the auto-generated password.
  • Vouchers can include an optional Expiry date. If a person tries to connect with the voucher after the expiry date; authentication will fail.
  • Vouchers can also include a Trigger and days active feature. With this set, the Voucher will only be valid for a specified amount of days after the first use of the Voucher.
  • This counter is triggered as soon as the Voucher is used for the first time.

Time is not on the Voucher's side

The time a user spends online using a Voucher can be limited in three ways.
RADIUSdesk will consider all three if they are used and apply the smallest value.

  • An associated Profile may contain a Time based counter.
  • Using the Trigger and days active feature if used.
  • Using the Expiry date of the Voucher if used.