Pieces of the puzzle


  • Each mesh network consists of two or more nodes.
  • A node is a normal access point running the MESHdesk firmware.
  • MESHdesk supports a growing list of hardware.
  • Simply flash the MESHdesk firmware onto any of the supported hardware.
  • The nodes are pre-configured with the MESHdesk Node config utility (usually once-off).
  • Nodes are centrally managed and monitored through MESHdesk.

MESHdesk Node Config Utility

  • MESHdesk is different from other cloud based controllers which are owned by someone else.
  • You have your own MESHdesk install.
  • You use the MESHdesk Node Config Utility to initially point the MESHdesk firmware to your MESdesk server.
  • The MESHdesk Node Config Utility is a Windows based executable for your convenience. (It will also be able to run on Apple and Linux)
  • Download the Mesh Node Config Utility from here:


  • MESHdesk comes as part of RADIUSdesk and is used to centrally manage and monitor Batman-adv based mesh networks.
  • You use it to define entry points (SSIDs) and exit points to a mesh network.
  • You also use it to assign nodes to a mesh network.


  • RADIUSdesk is a modern web based front-end to the FreeRADIUS RADIUS server.
  • RADIUS is used by the mesh network on the entry points (SSID) if one choose to include WPA2 Enterprise security.
  • RADIUS is also used by the mesh network on the exit points if one choose to include a Coova Chilli captive portal.