RADIUSdesk API Getting Started


  • RADIUSdesk consists of two main components.
    • The GUI is done using ExtJS.
    • Between the GUI and the database is a CakePHP application with a RESTfull-like API
  • This means that any action the GUI does, e.g. adding a Permanent User, can be done by simply doing the API call that the GUI will be doing to complete the said action.

Preparing the environment

  • This page will detail how to get Insomnia up and running in order to interact with the API of RADIUSdesk.
  • This is a description of what Insomnia is Insomnia is a free cross-platform desktop application that takes the pain out of interacting with and designing HTTP-based APIs. (https://insomnia.rest/)
  • We assume you have already installed Insomnia and ready to follow the instructions here in order to prepare the environment.