More On Managed Hardware

  • MESHdesk and APdesk can manage OpenWRT based hardware.
  • The device requires a minimum of
    • 64M RAM
    • 8M FLASH
  • Devices with up to three radios are supported.
  • We use the basic OpenWRT (21.02.0 at the time of this writing) with two added packages.
    • zzz-MESHdesk - This package contains the libraries which act as the agent between the controller and the device.
    • luci-app-meshdesk - This Luci application allows you to enable and disable central management using the Luci Web Interface.
  • There are currently three Xiaomi APs for which we supply ready built firmware
    • 4A 100M Edition
    • 4A Gigabit Edition
    • 4C
  • These devices are fully supported in MESHdesk which means you can deploy Batman-Adv based mesh networks in a snap.
  • The following Internet connection to a device is supported
    1. WAN (Ethernet) with DHCP
    2. WAN (Ethernet) with Fixed IP Address
    3. WAN (Ethernet) with PPPoE (ISP)
    4. WiFi Client with DHCP
    5. WiFi Client with Fixed IP Address
    6. WiFi Client with PPPoe (WISP)
    7. LTE/4G (requires OpenWRT supported 4G Modem)
    8. Mesh (Batman-Adv)