Principles of RADIUSdesk Access Providers


Access Providers are key to the scalability of RADIUSdesk deployments. This document will look at some of the principles around Access Providers.

What can Access Providers do?

  • Manage Realms
  • Manage Profiles
  • Manage lower-level Access Providers
  • Manage NAS Devices
  • Manage Vouchers
  • Manage Permanent Users
  • Manage BYOD Devices
  • Manage Dynamic Login Pages
  • Manage Notes on Realms, Profiles, other Access Providers, NAS Devices, Permanent Users and BYOD Devices.

Why Access Providers

Access Providers give us the opportunity to create little islands within RADIUSdesk that allows many independent people to use one RADIUSdesk system.
These Access Providers and the environment which they create can be isolated from others.
On top of this is the possibility for an Access Provider to create lower-level Access Providers. This opens up the door to a powerful hierarchical system.

If your deployment of RADIUSdesk will possibly grow quite large, the following methodology is recommended.

  • Create an Access Provider
  • Log in as this newly created Access Provider
  • Create realms, add NAS devices and profiles as required.
  • Manage Vouchers, Permanent Users and devices belonging the the realms created.