Principles of RADIUSdesk NAS Devices


Users gain access to the network through a NAS device. These include:

  • Captive portals
  • WiFi Access Points with WPA2 Enterprise enabled
  • VPN servers
  • Dial-up servers
  • 802.1x enabled Ethernet switches

Direct, Dynamic or VPN

NAS devices can be connected to the the FreeRADIUS in the following ways:

  • Direct connection- FreeRADIUS knows the IP Address of the NAS device and this device communicates through the Ethernet connection with FreeRADIUS.
  • Dynamic Clients- FreeRADIUS detects and tries to dynamically register NAS devices that has not yet been connected to it, by adding the unknown IP Address to the list of known IP Adresses.
  • VPN- The NAS device will connect to the server running FreeRADIUS through a VPN connection who's IP Address is known.