Place your Mesh spider on Google maps

Place Google maps

  • Click on the MESHdesk icon on the Radiusdesk home page.

  • Click on the Mesh you want to place and click Edit. The Edit Mesh window opens.
  • Click on the Nodes tab in the Edit Mesh window.
  • Click on the Map button in the Actions Toolbar in the nodes Tab. The Google Maps Tab opens.

  • The first time you open this tab, Google maps open somewhere in Boston U.S.A.
  • If no map is displayed then your country might not allow Google maps.
  • Now move the Google map to where your mesh has been deployed.
  • When you see the address of the Mesh, click on the Peferences icon (spanner) in the Action toolbar in the Google maps window.

The Prefences Tab opens.

  • Click on the snapshot button to save these GPS coordinates for this mesh and it's Google map views.
  • Click OK to finish.

Placing nodes

  • Click on the Add button in the Action Toolbar of the Google Map Tab.

  • The Add a Marker window opens.

  • All the nodes of the current mesh is listed in the “Available” field.
  • Select a node and click OK.
  • A yellow maps marker appear with an info window attached to it.

  • Move the marker to where your node is on the map.
  • In the info window attached to the marker click SAVE to place the marker. Sometimes you need to scroll to see the buttons in the info window.
  • The marker will turn blue.
  • If you want to delete a marker, move it until the info window of the marker appears and click DELETE inside the info window.
  • Now repeat the steps with the rest of the nodes until all nodes are placed correctly.
  • Once all nodes are placed close the Edit Mesh window.
  • Now, when you view your mesh under Meshdesk⇒ View⇒ Nodes, you can click on the maps icon and your Mesh Spider will show on the map.