MESHdesk supported hardware

As of 2017 MESHdesk and APdesk will be using LEDE as a foundation for its firmware. We will no longer support devices with 32M RAM and/or 4M Flash. See this discussion for more detail: https://forum.lede-project.org/t/should-lede-support-devices-with-only-4mb-flash/1018

  • The following hardware is currently tested and working:
Manufacturer Model Comment Image
ZBT WE2026 New hardware with non-Atheros chip
Dragino MS14-P This is the same hardware used by Village Telco (MP2)
Mikrotik RB433 Dual radio support for high speed mesh networks
OpenMesh.com OM2P
PC Engines Alix 3D2 Dual radio support for high speed mesh networks
TP Link N600 (WDR3500/3600) Dual radio support for high speed mesh networks
Ubiquity UniFi AP/AP-LR
Ubiquity UniFi AP PRO Dual radio support for high speed mesh networks
Village Telco MP2 Phone We modify their firmware to include FXS support
Yuncore AP90Q Outdoor hardware
Yuncore XD3200 High Speed 802.11AC

My hardware is not in the list - what now?

  • Don't be discouraged if your hardware is not on the list of tested hardware.
  • If your hardware can run the latest version of LEDE and have at least 8M Flash and 64M RAM we are pretty confident that it will also be able to run the MESHdesk firmware.
  • If your hardware can run LEDE firmware and support Virtual Access Points (VAPs) it should also be able to work with MESHdesk.
  • You can also build your own MESHdesk firmware images. See the section on firmware to get more detail on compiling and flashing the MESHdesk firmware yourself.
  • We are eager to work with technical minded people on this matter and as a result increase the list of known tested and working hardware.