Add nodes to the Mesh on MESHdesk

After you have:

  1. Flashed and pointed your devices with the Mesh Config Utility
  2. Placed and plugged in your devices on site.
  3. Created a Mesh in MESHdesk

you can now add your devices to your Mesh:

  • Click on the MESHdesk icon on the Radiusdesk home page. The MESHdesk window opens.

  • Click on the Unknown Nodes tab.

  • Your flashed devices should be automatically detected and listed under Unknown Nodes.
  • MESHdesk also automatically detects if a node is connected to a gateway (Ethernet cable etc), thus showing you your primary node.
  • Click on the node with the “yes” under the “gateway” column, the primary node, first and click the Attach Icon in the Actions Toolbar

  • The Attach Node to Mesh window opens.

  • Select your mesh e.g. Bean There Mesh
  • The MAC address is automatically filled in.
  • Fill in a Name and a description of which node it is, e.g. Primary node main office. The more descriptive you are, the easier the nodes are to manage later.
  • Select the hardware model of the node.
  • The Advanced Settings are loaded by default according to the chosen hardware. Thus we advise you leave the Advanced Tab untouched,
  • Static Entry points are an option if you want a fixed SSID at one node or a different SSID for each node.
  • Static Entry points only works when “Apply to all Nodes” was selected during Entry point creation.
  • Static Exit points only works if “auto-detect” is deselected during Exit Points creation.
  • If the above two settings are correct, select a static Entry and/or Exit point.
  • Click OK
  • The node has now been added as a Known Node.
  • The node will take a few minutes to load its new settings.
  • Click on the Known Nodes tab in the MESHdesk window. The Node should now be listed here.
  • “Last contact” should soon change from “never” to “30 seconds ago” as the node joins the mesh.