RADIUSdesk Mobile


  • As from July 2023 we are introducing RADIUSdesk Mobile as an alternative mobile first UI for RADIUSdesk.
  • This means that in the future you will be able to do everything in RADIUSdesk from the privacy of your own phone.

We are very exited about this capability since it means we can engage a community with minimal capital expenditure.

  • A simple task like issuing vouchers for Internet access or something more involved like deploying a mesh network on MESHdesk will all be possible to do from your phone.

Installing RADIUSdesk Mobile (Server)

  • The latest install instructions already contain the inclusion of RADIUSdesk Mobile.
  • If you have an existing deployment which is CakePHPv4 based you can add RADIUSdesk Mobile to your existing installation fairly easy.
  • Make sure the rdcore repo is up to date and all the SQL patches are completed (Should there be any needed for your install)
  • Do the following to obtain the RADIUSdesk Mobile code:
cd /var/www
sudo git clone https://github.com/RADIUSdesk/rd_mobile.git
cd /var/www/html/
sudo ln -s ../rd_mobile/build/production/RdMobile ./rd_mobile

Installing RADIUSdesk Mobile On My Phone

  • RADIUSdesk Mobile is a Progressive Web App (PWA) which means you can install it on your Android or Apple phone.
  • For this to work, you need to access the rd_mobile app using https (Need a valid certificate)
  • On the Chrome browser on my phone I have an install option listed.

  • Starting the install on my phone

Looking at the UI

  • RADIUS Screen

  • Filter results

  • Graphs

  • Activity

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