Update RADIUSdesk

  • To update a recent install (Github Repo) of RADIUSdesk
# CD to the install directory of RADIUSdesk
cd /var/www/rdcore
# Do a Git Pull
sudo git pull
  • Apply the SQL patches.
  • The SQL patches are located under /var/www/html/cake3/rd_cake/setup/db/
cd /var/www/html/cake3/rd_cake/setup/db/
sudo mysql -u root rd < 8.057_add_legacy_wifi_support.sql  
sudo mysql -u root rd < 8.058_add_opt_in_for_ctc.sql 
sudo mysql -u root rd < 8.059_add_dynamic_detail_ctcs.sql 
sudo mysql -u root rd < 8.060_add_lost_pwd_method.sql 
sudo mysql -u root rd < 8.061_add_coova_settings.sql
#There might be more patches.
#Apply all the new ones. (use ls -l to check the dates of the files)
#The patch name convention is 8.0_incremental_number_description
#The patches are non-destructive so you can apply them multiple times.
  • Apply the latest FreeRADIUS config (not always required)
cd /var/www/html/cake3/rd_cake/setup/radius/
ls -l
#Here you can see one file was updated with the git pull
#We can replace the current FreeRADIUS config with it
-rw-r--r-- 1 system system 234816 Jun  5  2021 freeradius-3.daily.10.tar.gz
-rw-rw-r-- 1 system system 232305 May 21 03:26 freeradius-3-radiusdesk.tar.gz
# Stop the service if it is already running
sudo systemctl stop freeradius
# Backup the original FreeRADIUSdirectory
sudo mv /etc/freeradius /etc/freeradius.21-May-22
# Extract the RADIUSdesk modified FreeRADIUS directory
sudo tar xzf /var/www/html/cake3/rd_cake/setup/radius/freeradius-3-radiusdesk.tar.gz --one-top-level=/etc/freeradius/
sudo mv /etc/freeradius/freeradius /etc/freeradius/3.0
cd /etc/freeradius
sudo chown -R freerad. 3.0
sudo  mkdir /var/run/freeradius
sudo chown freerad. /var/run/freeradius
# Start the service 
sudo systemctl start freeradius
# See if it is now running with the new config
sudo systemctl status freeradius
  • Update the GUI in the Nginx Document Root
sudo cp -R /var/www/html/rd/build/production/Rd/* /var/www/html/