Features of MESHdesk and APdesk

  1. Ethernet cable
    1. DHCP
    2. Static IP Address
    3. PPPoE
  2. WiFi client
    1. DHCP
    2. Static IP Address
    3. PPPoE
  3. LTE
Wifi Client connection
LTE connection information
Ethernet connection
Wifi client configuration

Quick and easy to apply a schedule to an SSID
Visual indication of a scheduled SSID
Quick and easy banning or throttling
Versatile firewall with many possibilities, yet easy to manage.
  • Flexible WiFi Schedules
  • Bandwidth management and blocking
  • Versatile firewall

  • Easy to view stats
  • Information on usage and connection
  • Easy to navigate
  • OpenStreetMap integration
Information on the nodes inside of a mesh network
Detailed information on a specific WiFi client
Overview of clients connected to a mesh network
How good is the connection? Let us see…
Where in the world is my hardware? Let us see …
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