Features of RADIUSdesk

  • Easy On-boarding.
  • Support Clients from unknown public IP Addresses.
  • Support Clients from known IP Addresses.
  • Support Mikrotik API to disconnect users.
New Arrivals - RADIUS makes on-boarding quick and painless
RADIUS Clients list the originating IP Address
Traditional NAS entries are also supported
Miktotik API Support included with test button

Support for IP Pools and bursting
Intuitive FUP options
Support for vendor dictionaries
Profile components allow for quick changes
Many options available to limit data usage
  • Daily Weekly and Monthly Limits
  • Support for busting
  • Support to implement powerful Fair Usage Policies (FUP)
  • Support for Vendor Dictionaries

  • Bootstrap 5 based Login Pages
  • Slideshow
  • Social Login
  • Click-To-Connect
  • Support CoovaChilli and Mikrotik
Bootstrap 5 based dynamic login pages
Collect some data before connecting a user
Fine-tune the login screeen
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