Principles of RADIUSdesk BYOD Devices


With the Internet of Things upon us and BYOD a reality of the current times, we need a way to identify and control the devices connecting to our network.

BYOD Device Similarities

There are certain similarities between BYOD Devices, Permanent Users and Vouchers.

  • They have a Profile associated with them.
  • They belong to a Realm.
  • They have an Owner.

BYOD Device Specifics

These are the specifics that make a Device a Device. These items are not found in Vouchers. Some of these items may however also be found in Permanent Users.

  • An activation and expiry date can be added. This is a nice feature when certain devices will join your network for a specified time period. You can register these devices before they join and simply specify the date the account will become active and expire.
  • A hard or soft cap for data or time can be used. If the profile associated with the device contains a data or time counter, you can override the cap type of this counter on a per device instance. The Owner of the device's data or time cap will however take priority when the limit of a cap is reached.
  • Notes for each entry can be made. This can include comments like problems you may have experienced with a device or why this device is disabled or attached to a specific profile.
  • Lastly, you can pause or resume the recording of the Device's accounting for a time. This causes accounting records specific to this device to not be recorded in the program's database.