Dynamic Login Pages Overview


  • RADIUSdesk includes an applet called Login Pages which makes it easy to manage the login pages of captive portals.
  • We currently support CoovaChilli and Mikrotik based Captive Portals.
  • Over the past 7+ years we used Webix based login pages.
  • Although they served us well until now we decided to move to Bootstrap 5 based login pages for the following reasons.
    • Bootstrap is under active development (Current version is version 5) and has a beautiful look and feel.
    • Bootstrap is well known to many developers which should make it easy for them to tweak a Bootstrap based login page and adapt to their environment should the need arise.
  • The Webix based login pages is still available however and can be used although new development and features will be focused around the Bootstrap 5 based login pages.

Components of a Login Page

  • Each login page will have the following three items
    • Top Toolbar
    • Image(s)
    • Login Screen
  • Lets discuss these items further each under its own sectional heading.

Top Toolbar

  • The content and appearance of the top toolbar depends on the settings of the Login Page.
  • The Top Toolbar can contain the following
    • A Connect link which causes the Login Screen to show.
    • A Title for the page. This item is configurable.
    • Login Pages that is configured to support multiple languages will include a menu item to select a different language.


  • The Login Page will show at least one image.
  • The image as well as the presentation of the image is all configurable when you edit the Login Page.

Login Screen

  • The Login Screen is a Pop-Up window who's contend and behavior depends on the settings of the Login Page and will be covered in detail on its own dedicated wiki page.