User-Friendly FreeRADIUS Front-End

Various Devices One Dashboard

RADIUSdesk is an Open Source Web-based Wireless Hotspot Manager. You can manager Users, Vouchers, Devices and Mesh-Setups from one central Dashboard.

Feature Rich Business Tool

RADIUSdesk has been under development since 2008, with features being added according to active customer needs on a regular basis. We can with confidence claim no other WiFi management system competes with our wide range of features, customizable profiles and wizards, making WiFi deployment and setups quick and smooth

RADIUSdesk’s Graphs, Pie charts and Mesh Spider visuals convey data from  a complex system in an easily understandable way, taking the effort out of deployment and monitoring.

Reuse and Save - Mix and Match a variety of WiFi Access Points

Multiple WiFi routers run OpenWRT software and can therefore work on our system. Convert End Of Life hardware to RADIUSdesk to blow new life into your devices. Alternatively buy an  off-the-shelf router and load RADIUSdesk Firmware for the most economical solution. Our list of supported devices keeps on growing.