Basic RADIUSdesk

RADIUSdesk is Open Source and hosted on SourceForge since 2012. It is free to download and install yourself.
There is also a discussion board for questions and support.

This version includes Realms, Users, Vouchers, Data management, a Setup Wizard and more. It excludes Mesh functionality.

Installation with Mesh for 30 Access points

For 149USD once-off our developers install the full version of RADIUSdesk with Mesh and Access Point capabilities licensed for 30 devices without expiry. This price includes firmware for one device model that can be loaded on all 30 of your mesh nodes.

Top-up Firmware and Devices

Have a wide range of devices? Purchase multiple router firmware at 45USD each. Additional mesh node licenses are a minimal 3USD per device, purchased in blocks of 50.

*Prices may change without prior notice


Yes the Basic RADIUSdesk code is Open Source. Open Source means the source code of the Software is not sealed off and developers can get into the code and change their own installation’s code.

The add-ons MESHdesk and APdesk are not Open Source although it still uses Open Source technologies, for example Batman-adv and OpenWRT.

Yes, when we install your RADIUSdesk for you, you will recieve one hour live Getting Started support. Furthermore we will be available for email support on any further questions around RADIUSdesk working and installation.

Yes. With the installation you will receive one hour Getting Started training. Additional training is available at an hourly rate. We also have an extensive documentation section on the menu tab with manuals that we are updating periodically. Our aim is to add more training videos in the future.

For a device to run our firmware it will require at least 64M RAM and 8M Flash on the hardware side.

Our firmware is based on OpenWRT and can run on versions 17.01, 18.06, 19.07, 21.02 and Master.

We currently have firmware available for:


  • AP-105


  • MS14


  • MR24


  • hAP ac lite
  • 750Gr3

Raspberry Pi

  • Pi3


  • Unifi Mesh Pro
  • UAP Pro


  • 4C
  • 4A 100M
  • 4A 1G


  • AP2200 (three radio)
  • XD3200


  • WE2026
  • WE1526

This list will keep on expanding as we test with more devices

Your RADIUSdesk is installed on your own server and managed by you. The firmware is customized to your specific server and does not communicate with any other servers.